Q&A: How am I supposed to fight CPS when nobody in my area that can help me will?

Question by jo_kinser28: How am I supposed to fight CPS when nobody in my area that can help me will?
I have tried obtaining a lawyer through Legal Aid and other low-income resources in my area but none of them can or will help me. I can’t afford to hire an attorney. I have called around to several Law Offices to see if they will help me but none of them can or will. Does anyone have any other ideas or know of any specific place that might help me? I’m in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Answer by mich
Check with your local Bar Association (can be found online for your county) they have a referral service that can help you find a lawyer.

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  1. crjesq says:

    If the case hasn’t gone to court, then you aren’t entitled to a free attorney. It’s only when the State plans to remove your child that your constitutional rights come into play. Otherwise, CPS has more power than the police to invade your life. Not cooperating with them is grounds for them to go to court to get permission to remove your child. My best advice is to play nice until it’s time to fight in court, then get the attorney. Once the Department of Social Services plans to remove your child and goes to court for approval, you should have a right to an attorney to represent you, and if you can’t afford one, an attorney should be appointed. Each state does this differently. e.g., in Maryland, children are represented by agencies that have won the contract through a bidding process, and parents are represented by public defenders. In Massachusetts, there is a panel of private attorneys who have been specially trained in this area of the law and appointed by the court to represent certain parties. These attorneys then bill the state. They can be appointed to represent the children in one case, or one of the parents in another. Other states may do it differently.

    Good luck.

  2. spruiz85 says:

    why is cps after you is the question. they have to have reason. maybe people aren’t helping because they dont think you have a case. you can be appointed a lawyer if you are low income. lawyers are out to win and get money. you can see if maybe one of them will work out a payment plan. we put down 1000 dollars and we pay our lawyer 50 dollars a week for the remaining balance. hope this helps